Contact Us

President: Judy Lacy
303.495.9910 (cell)

Vice President: Kris Walker
303.807.6073 (cell)

Treasurer: Cheryl Haskell
303.507.6132 (cell)

Programming VP: Taylor McGowen
303.810.7188 (cell)

Public Relations VP: Leanne Thompson
720.273.2761 (cell)

Membership VP: Peggy Hutchinson
303.517.3798 (cell)

Panhellenic Affairs VP: Vicki Baur
303.324.4322 (cell)

Alternate Panhellenic Delegate: Shelby McGirr
310.938.7678 (cell)

Alumnae/Collegiate Relations VP: Melissa Stringfellow
954.385.5131 (cell)

Nominating Committee Chairwoman: Sarah Siddens
972.948.7796 (cell)

Nominating Committee Member: Emily Duke
720.475.0419 (cell)

Nominating Committee Member: Kay Wilms
303.549.7391 (cell)

Alumnae Reference Chairwoman: Cheryl Myhra
816.590.9621 (cell)

Care and Share Chairwoman: Anika McEwan
970.485.9653 (cell)

Crescent Correspondent: Bev Petry
303.868.8692 (cell)

Philanthropy VP: Contact Sarah Siddens if you are interested!

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