Fall Kickoff – Wednesday, September 2nd (Date change!)

Have you heard that Heritage Square is closing at the end of the year? Come step into our Candy Land inspired Fall Kickoff and take advantage of your last chance to see it in its final days. Arrive early to ride the Alpine Slide, tour the park on the train, or wander the square until finding your way to the colorful board game we all loved as a kid. Come ready to participate in a silent and exhilarating live auction to raise money for Building Strong Girls. There are lots of unique offerings from your fellow sisters! The evening starts with cocktails and light fair at 6:30pm, and the live auction will begin at 7:30pm. The Victorian Event Center at Heritage Square is located at 18301 West Colfax Avenue. For questions and to RSVP, please contact Sarah Siddens (Programming Chair) at 972-948-7796 or sarahsiddens@gmail.com.

How can you help:
Do you have an event idea to auction (e.g., host a dinner party or a chick flick movie night)?  Can you offer your sisters a service (e.g., do a tax return, baby sitting, a couple hours of help)?  The events and services offered raise money for Building Strong Girls (i.e., Girls on the Run and Gates Camp for Boys and Girls Club).  Contact Leigh Ann Kudloff at 303-986-5073 or lkudloff@comcast.net or Liz Burgess at 310-429-5579 or chillinginco@gmail.com with your idea.

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