Building Strong Girls – Gates Camp Wish List

In addition to manpower, the Gates Camp has a wish list of items they need.  If you have any of these items or would like to contribute to the purchase, see the contact information below.
New Items: Ball pumps and needles; Basketballs; Parachutes; Climbing hardware; Street hockey gear (sticks, pucks, goals, goalie gear); Materials for refurbishing the Archery Range; Greenhouse and gardening supplies for planting and hoop houses; Blacksmithing equipment (gas fired forge, anvils, hammers, gloves, goggles and headphones)
Used Items: Area rugs (these would need to fit the motif of camp – i.e. Persians/Orientals and braided rugs); Sports equipment (basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, badminton gear); Material for crafts (leather, feathers, buttons, paints, fabric, tools, etc.)
Contact: Leigh Ann Kudloff at or 303-986-5073 or Liz Burgess or 310-429-5579

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